Our values:

We derived our values from our team’s unique qualities.
Our values reflect who we are, and aspire to be, as individuals and as a company. 

Be open. 
We're transparent. We make ourselves accessible to each other. 
We share work with each other while the clay's still wet.

Focus on impact.
We concentrate our efforts on tasks where we add the most value.
We trust colleagues to apply their expertise to our shared goals.


Build trust. 
We're accountable. We do what we say we'll do.
We share successes and failures. We learn from mistakes without assigning blame.


Go big.
We have a big, bold, far reaching vision. We're here because we believe in it.
We're not intimidated by complex challenges. We're excited by them.

Win as a team.
We put the good of the team ahead of our own egos.
We have each other's backs. Always. Under all circumstances.