AxonVR Immersive Platform

HaptX is a thin, flexible haptic textile made up of an array of microfluidic actuators. By varying pressure and temperature at each actuator, HaptX creates sensations ranging from the brush of a butterfly's wings to the impact of a punch. From the warmth of a cup of coffee to the chill of a snowball. HaptX can bring the sense of touch to any surface. We can apply it to a wide range of products across a variety of form factors.  

HaptX Skeleton extends HaptX's immersive capabilities by delivering force feedback. HaptX Skeleton moves with you through your full range of motion. It senses body position and applies forces to represent the shape or weight of virtual objects. HaptX Skeleton can be programmed to assist or resist motion. Master the perfect golf swing as your body is guided through every detail of the swing in real time. You move the exoskeleton, and the exoskeleton can move you.

HaptX SDK is a software toolkit that empowers developers to create touch-enabled experiences. At the heart of HaptX SDK is a framework for physical simulation of haptic interactions. HaptX SDK works seamlessly with leading game engines, making it easy for developers to create VR experiences that leverage advanced haptic capabilities. 

By bringing these technologies together, AxonVR will realize its founding vision: a world in which virtual experiences are indistinguishable from real life. 

Get an inside look at AxonVR's HaptX technology.

Watch this video to hear co-founders Jake Rubin and Dr. Bob Crockett describe how AxonVR creates Virtual Reality You Can Feel.