Mark Kroese

President of AxonVR

I'm pleased to share a major milestone in our vision of delivering realistic touch and creating a world in which virtual reality is indistinguishable from real life. The US Patent and Trademark office recently issued our keystone patent, Whole-Body Human-Computer Interface. This patent enables us to deliver a suite of products which will provide advanced haptic feedback for a wide range of enterprise customers in location-based entertainment, training and simulation, and design and manufacturing.

Our team is proud of this achievement and what it represents in delivering on the vision of AxonVR's co-founders, Jake Rubin and Dr. Robert Crockett. Jake and Bob put a tremendous amount of work into authoring this patent, which will secure AxonVR's future as a leader in haptic technology. 

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AxonVR Secures Foundational Patent for Realistic Touch in Virtual Reality

SEATTLE, WA., June 14, 2017 – AxonVR Corporation announced today the issuance of US Patent No. 9,652,037, which secures a key haptic technology for wearable devices. The 130-page patent marks the first grant from AxonVR’s extensive portfolio of pending US and international patent applications. 

“This patent is a product of years of cutting-edge research and development in haptic technology” said Jake Rubin, Founder and CEO, AxonVR. “It provides comprehensive protection for the novel microfluidic technology at the heart of AxonVR’s HaptX Platform.”

Last year, AxonVR announced the development of the HaptX platform, which delivers industrial-grade haptic feedback for enterprise applications, including design and manufacturing, training and simulation, and location-based entertainment. The HaptX platform includes HaptX Skin, a haptic smart textile; HaptX Skeleton, a lightweight force feedback exoskeleton; and HaptX SDK, a software toolkit for creating touch-enabled experiences.

The patent’s inventors include Jake Rubin and Dr. Robert Crockett, co-founder and Lead Engineer at AxonVR. “The novel microfluidic architecture disclosed in this patent provides an unprecedented combination of high displacement, high bandwidth, high spatial resolution, and small size for wearable haptic devices,” said Dr. Crockett. “No other haptic technology can offer this combination of features, all of which are essential for delivering realistic touch feedback.”

About AxonVR

Founded in 2012 by CEO Jake Rubin and Lead Engineer Dr. Robert Crockett, AxonVR brings virtual worlds to life through the power of realistic touch. A venture-backed startup, AxonVR has raised $9 million and has 26 employees, with offices in Seattle, WA (headquarters) and San Luis Obispo, CA. For more information, please visit

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